Atlassian Experts Service by TechTime Initiative Group

About Us

We turn things right for you!

In NZ TechTime has been operating since 2005.

TechTime Initiative Group set up TurningRight service for Atlassian products in 2008.

Since then we have worked with customers around New Zealand including government organisations, financial, academic and commercial sectors.

We are very lucky to work with people that love the products they are using and it's a privilege to be enablers in the process of achieving their business goals.

We are proud to support community of Atlassian users in New Zealand as official Atlassian Experts since 2009.

You can meet us at regular Atlassian User group meetings, make sure you attend next one:

Our team has extensive Software Development experience including years of consulting, management and business analysis.

We are using the products we support ourselves and know them from inside out.

We are developing our own plugins and enjoy doing custom development when a tailored solution is required.

We strive to offer you quick, agile and professional service focused on quality and the end result.

About Founders

Ed Letifov is our Chief Problem Solver and Solution Designer. Strategic thinking, unraveling complex processes, and the endless quest for quality are his "things".

Irina Mosina is our Chief Implementer and Customer Relations supervisor. Her specialties are: goal setting, business process implementations, design, marketing and information management.

We have over 40 customers successfully using our commercial plugins in New Zealand, Australia, China, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Sweeden, France, Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Russia, Latvia, the UK and the USA. Our free plugins are used even more widely.