Atlassian Experts Service by TechTime Initiative Group


Have you been running Atlassian installation for while? How is it going?

Questions to ask yourself about your current Atlassian product installation:

Even the great product needs attention.

  1. Are your users happy or there are issues to be solved? Can you solve them?
  2. Do you find yourself constantly distracted from your core role with questions from the product users?
  3. Is there sufficient and regular training provided to keep users up to date with the changing functionality and Look & Feel?
  4. Is your installation behind the latest stable release for a couple of years?
  5. Do you think your product is configured in the best way to reflect your development or business processes?
  6. Do you have time to explore new features and ever-expanding list of new plugins?
  7. Were you told by your business that more people are going to be using Atlassian products you've setup and you have performance concerns?
  8. Do you need help?

We are happy to meet and assess your current installation to help you identify the best way to eliminate your pains. First meeting is always FREE!


Things to consider before your next upgrade:

When you're prepared, upgrades can be stress-free and unnoticeable for your users.

  1. Can you upgrade to the desired version straight away or will you need intermediate upgrades to be put in place?
  2. Do you have a test environment? We strongly recommend to have a test environment and perform the upgrade there first using your production data restored from a backup.
  3. Do you have an admin-level access to both environments?
  4. Do you have access to the application logs?
  5. What, if any, are the important plug-ins being used?
  6. What, if any, customisations have been applied to your Atlassian product that will need to be migrated?
  7. Do you have access to Internet from your environments, if no - will you be able to upload your upgrade packages and plugins manually?
  8. Do you know where to find your backups and are they up to date?
  9. Do you know who can help you with DB related questions and problems?
  10. Do you need to renew the license for your product?
  11. Can you do it after hours and have you announced an outage?
  12. Do you have a rollback procedure?

If it sounds like too much, feel free to contact us for the initial consultation where we can help you plan and execute your upgrade.