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NTLM for Confluence and JIRA

This product has been superseded by EasySSO for JIRA and EasySSO for Confluence

Being "version 2" add-ons these can deployed in run-time and remove the need to manually edit XML files and restart your application.

Existing customers of NTLM Authenticator - please get in contact for discount codes for marketplace licenses to renew at the grandfathered prices for two years.

We've been offering a solution to provide Atlassian Jira NTLM and Atlassian Confluence NTLM authentication to Active Directory (a.k.a auto-login or SSO in Windows environment) for over 6 years.

We have customers successfully using this plugin in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and North America both in NTLMv1 and NTLMv2 environments with Confluence 5, Confluence 4, Confluence 3 and JIRA 6, JIRA 5, JIRA 4 and JIRA 3.

The NTLM Authenticator is delivered as a jar file and instructions how to deploy it to Atlassian Jira and/or Confluence to work in conjunction with IOPlex Jespa to perform NLTM authentication in Windows environment.

The cost is one-off NZ$170 or you can buy one of IOPlex Jespa/NTLM Authenticator bundles priced in US$.

Place your order to get an unlocked version, pay via PayPal using your paypal account or any major credit card.

You can always try before you buy, just choose the right version.
Jespa library allows you to try for 60 days with unlimited users. Our trials will stop functioning when Jespa trial period runs out.

Please note, the price has recently gone up by NZ$20 (US$18) dollars. All existing customers are entitled to upgrades at the old grandfathered prices for 2 years.