Atlassian Experts Service by TechTime Initiative Group


Please have a look at our Checklist, it will help us to get a better understanding of your project.

Business Implementations

We can help you realise full potential of JIRA and Confluence as BPM suite. Whether it's team collaboration software or workflow tool, we will guide your business users through the process of often complex implementations. We hold an expertise of what 3rd party add-ons to use and what approaches to take. We can implement the prototype setup off-site, test, demo to the stakeholders, adjust, document it and eventually migrate into your production environment once accepted.

Upgrade Call-Out

This allows organizations to call on us when they require an Expert to upgrade their existing installation of Atlassian products. We do it fast and under a fixed-price model.

Maintenance and Support

We fit between the Client's ServiceDesk, their DBAs and similar teams (if required) and Atlassian as a vendor. We like to think about this as "Expert on Call" service.

This service allows organizations to outsource the product specific administration and maintenance under a fixed monthly fee contract.

This includes:

  • reviewing the application logs for any new exceptions
  • performing integrity checks, re-indexing
  • performance monitoring and tuning
  • keeping non-production environments in sync with production
  • collecting the necessary information and communicating with Atlassian
  • pro-active tracking of updates for the base applications and plugins
  • performing regular upgrades
  • 24/7 support including out-of-business-hours maintenance
  • pre-paid "being available" hours for the Clients to use as they wish
  • provision for any work beyond the above to be pre-approved under separate Statements of Work

Migration, roll-outs, initial deployments

We are ready to assist with planning of the initial deployments, rolling out and migrating data from the legacy systems. We can provide information on sizing, placement, backup requirements and generally work with your architecture team to make your setup come true.


We've integrated Atlassian products with 3rd party systems for development and business teams - Service Desk, Timesheets, source code repositories, build servers and intranet.

Our NTLM authenticator for Jira and Confluence helps achieve Single Sign-On in Microsoft Windows environments and supports the latest versions of Atlassian products and is being used all over the world.

Custom Development

Development of plugins for Atlassian products is our specialty. If you are missing some killer feature - talk to us. We will be able to advise if this can be achieved with existing product or 3rd party plugin functionality, assess the requirements and provide you with a quote.

Moving to the Cloud

Most of our own instances of Atlassian products run in Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2). We can assist in moving to and customising Atlassian OnDemand or provide NZ-based SaaS offering based on Atlassian products.