Atlassian Experts Service by TechTime Initiative Group

What we do

More about our "TurningRight" added-value support and maintenance program here.

We are Atlassian Expert, Agiloft Partner, Software Vendor and IT Services Provider. Established in 2005, TechTime is based in Wellington with presence in Auckland, Tauranga, Dunedin and Sydney. 

We do custom development, Atlassian installations and updates/upgrades for Jira, Confluence and all other products from Atlassian. The better we know your system, the better we can estimate.

Unless it is one of our minimum price offers, we only charge for the time actually spent.

We do remote support and maintenance for Atlassian products installations, looking after performance, logs, indexes, backups, plugin updates as well as pro-actively tracking upgrades to the main products.

Our clients are government, educational institutions and commercial organisations in NZ and worldwide.


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We provide 24/7 first- and second-level support for mission-critical installations at fixed costs (TBA on case-by-case basis).

We do custom development and contribute plugins to Atlassian Marketplace. If you need integration with an existing system or missing some killer feature - talk to us.