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summaryIn our added-value support & maintenance our role is “Expert on call” - we fit between the Client’s Service Desk, their DBAs and similar teams (if required) and Atlassian as a vendor.

16 hours, including out-of-hours Production changes

We strongly recommend to have a test environment and perform the upgrade there first using your production data restored from a backup, to see how long the upgrade will take for your data set and hardware configuration and eliminate possible data issues, incompatibilities with plugins and custom add-ons.

We also encourage our customers to have at least a week in between for your team to have a chance to get used to new features and do UAT. During that week we log all the issues you’ve discovered and aim to deal with them before the production installation.

If the complexity of your setup may prevent us from performing this service on the fixed-cost basis we will advise you immediately.