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EasySSO for the Atlassian suite is easy to configure with few mandatory fields, all options in the advanced menus have standard values, and you only need to set-up the SSO type or types needed for your application.


EasySSO with NTLM/Kerberos configuration guides you through the set up of these SSO protocols and provides links Jespa IOPLEX information.



EasySSO with SAML provides a use case and the flow of login information, and EasySSO with SAML configuration guides you through the set up on the EasySSO side while providing links to guides for common IdPs (ADFS, Azure AD, G Suite, PingOne, and SimpleSAML.php)



EasySSO with X.509 Authentication provides and overview of this SSO type and EasySSO with X.509 authentication configuration guides you through the set up.



EasySSO with Headers provides and overview of this SSO type and EasySSO with Headers configuration guides you through the set up.


Frequently Asked Questions

Need some help? You will find answers to frequently asked questions here

Also, please do not hesitate to contact us via our Support Portal if you require help.


The boring stuff

Here are the EasySSO License Agreement and EasySSO Privacy Policy for your reference.

Getting Started with EasySSO versions pre-4.0

Install EasySSO 2.5.x EasySSO - 2.5.x and earlier installation instructions

Getting Started - How to Configure Guide for version 2.6.x and later

Advanced configuration for EasySSO - Instructions for advanced configuration of EasySSO


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