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EasySSO is a paid add-on distributed via Atlassian Marketplace and as such requires a license to function. IOPLEX Jespa is a 3rd party library that is required by EasySSO to function.

IOPLEX Jespa library is the only pure java implementation of NTLMv2 based authenticator. EasySSO integrates Jespa with Atlassian applications (JIRA and Confluence), providing the glue between the library code and Atlassian application code. Jespa library does all heavy lifting behind the scenes to authenticate a user - performing NTLMv2 challenge to the client (i.e. browser) and communicating with the Domain Controller. Due to the licensing restrictions we are unable to simply package IOPLEX Jespa within EasySSO and a separate download from is required. The library distribution can then be uploaded via EasySSO and installed within your Atlassian product.

The 2nd license is for Jespa library and the cost of the license is included in EasySSO license price.